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Questions and Answers

Does it cost to get into the expo? Yes, to get into each of our expos there is a small fee. We accept cards and cash. If you go to the ticket page it will tell you the cosst. Just click: HERE FOR TICKETS

What other expenses do I need to pay for? We only charge admission into the expo,
The only other expenses would be if you wanted to purchase from any of the wonderful vendors. Please note if you want to purchase a new family member that it can get expensive when buying the food, habitat and other needs.  Otherwise come in and enjoy seeing and learning about all the awesome critters. 
Can we bring are own animals to the expo? No, unfortunately we can not have outside animals come to our expo. This is for your safety, your pets safety, ours and all of the animals at the expo. The only animal allowed to attend is those the vendors bring and service animals. With that being said, if your service animal is not behaving then you will be asked to leave the same goes to our vendors if their critter is not behaving. Thank you for understanding. 
What kinds of critters can we see? For the most part you will get a upclose hands on experience with many different types of critters. We have had large sulcata turtles, all kinds of snakes, frogs, lizards, rodents, amphibians, fish, hedgehogs and much more. We have even had a Hawk, monkey, cats and dogs and sugar gliders. You never know what you may see. 

May I leave the expo and return later? We understand sometimes we need a break or have to go run an errand. As long as it is the same day as your ticket and we are still open yes. You will receive a bracelet make sure you keep it on. 
I want to learn more about being a vendor: Please go to Vendor Page. There you can learn about all the vendors and their products/critters      
Is it wheel chair accessible? Yes, if you find an area that is not let us know so we can fix it :) We want everyone to be able to move with ease. 
Is this event family friendly? Yes! We love families! This is a ve3ry family friendly expo, it is educational and it is for all ages. 

I forgot my ticket can I still get in? Sadly without a ticket or a proof of one, we are unable to allow people in. We suggest if you purchase online take a screen shot so you have it on hand. 

I am considering getting a new family member, what do I need to do? First, research. That is why we love our vendors. They are very knowledgeable and will answer your questions or concerns. Make sure you are prepared because for the critter this is a lifetime event and for you it is a forever home. Make sure you understand the needs, care, habitat and more. If you get a new family member YAY we are excited for you and would love to get a picture or our social media. Also get info of vendors as they are always willing to answer any questions you may have about your new pet from them. 

Why is it hot at the expo? Have you ever noticed that snakes are often seen more when it is nice and sunny outside? With most reptiles they need the extra heat that we are not normally used to. Our expo is set to try and make the animals happy and the humans. We do suggest bringing water bottles. 
Is food and drinks allowed at the expo? We usually have a food truck outside and ask that you eat out by it in the grassy area where the tables are before coming in.  Our vendors inside do have food with them for them at their booths as they do not leave their booths unattended. Basically, we ask please do not bring food in unless necessary. This is because we are a hands-on experience and we do not want animals to nip if they smell food. We do have hand sanitizer for people to use before touching each of the critters. No alcoholic drinks are allowed, and we prefer water as spills do happen. If you do bring in drinks and food DO NOT FEED TO ANIMALS/CRITTERS. They have their own food and drinks. Thank you. 

May we use your pictures and information from your website or social media? All of our material is copyrighted. We ask that you do not use any images that we have in the past, present, or future under false pretenses.  Example: Taking a picture of yourself at the expo and saying it was your expo or promoting other events, expos or outside things not of Northern Nevada Exotic Pet Expo. Or using it as a negative way towards the Norther Nevada Exotic Pet Expo. We will take action, if need be. Please be professional and respectful. 

Any questions you have that are not here please email us at


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