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Our Mission

Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

We're more than just an expo.

Our number one goal is to create a fun, family environment that also teaches the responsibility of pet welfare through education and introduction.

We advocate for proper environments, handling, correct cage standards, responsible breeding, escape prevention, proper procedures when in nature, as well as conservation of animals.

We strive to teach responsible ownership in all ways, whether buying a new family member, trades or sales of all appropriate animals. 

Through it all we facilitate the cooperation of small businesses, rescues, and our community.

Our Story

Hi and welcome to our amazing Expo!!! We are so excited you are here.

Our story begins with our amazing director Andrea. She is the owner of the Winnemucca local Desert Family Pets, LLC which has closed down so she can focus more on the Northern Nevada Reptile and Exotic Pets!! 

When Andrea first opened the pet store she was unprepared for what was to come.  Everything was new to her and she had to study and learn about each animal, their care and needs. Andrea's first year led her to have a joy for all kinds of animals and reptiles! She uses all the information she learned at the expo and is still learning more today.

She decided to share her love for these beautiful and sometimes misunderstood critters so she created the Northern Nevada Exotic Pet and Reptile Expo with the help of friends and family. She has had several expos with many different vendors. She has had people come out and teach about why wildlife should remain in the wild, what to do when encountering wildlife and who to call when need. She continues to promote education of proper care, handling, and welfare of pets.

Now, after some time off due to Covid, Andrea is bringing to you some of the top vendors with exotic and amazing animals for you to see, learn about and explore!!! 

Meet the Team of Northern Nevada Exotic Pet Expo by clicking HERE


Meet Andrea

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