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Vendor Rules

We are so extremely excited that you have decided to join our family of exotic pet lovers!!!  As vendors we know that it comes with responsibility. With that responsibility we ask that you respect not just your business but also others around you. We are one big family with common goals! We are here to support you in the ways that we can, but to do so we have rules that need to be followed to keep this a successful show.


Northern Nevada Reptile and Exotic Pets Expo reserves the right to update the rules and regulations as needed without notification. Please check our social media and website for updates. 

Animal Rules

  1. No venomous or devenomized reptiles are allowed for sale.

  2. All animals are to be kept in secure containers

  3. Vendors are responsible for any injuries their animals cause to themselves or other persons.

  4. All animals must be healthy and acclimated at the time of sale. No overcrowding or (extremely) dirty enclosures.

  5. No federally endangered or protected Nevada native animals may be sold without proper documentation.

  6. Vendors are responsible for researching what animals are illegal in Nevada.

  7. Everyone if required to bring their own light fixtures, extension cords, food, water containers, etc.

  8. Provide appropriate contact information to buyers for questions or concerns they may have.

  9. All insect feeders much be presorted into secured containers. To "scoop them out" for customers is not permitted for the sake of the venue cleanup.


  1. A person must be present at the booth at all times during public hours.

  2. Vendors MUST be finished setting up a half hour before we open to the public.

  3. Vendors must also stay an hour after we close admissions (4:15pm & 3:15pm) without packing up, to give remaining guests time to browse the event.

  4. During the last hour of the event, vendors MUST complete tax forms provided. Please fill these out appropriately and accurately, seal in the provided envelopes and return them to an event coordinator.

  5. Your booth must be kept reasonably tidy (not overflowing with trash or excess soil). 

  6. Table must have a table cover, whether that be your own or the cover we provide.

  7. Only one vendor is allowed per booth. If you invite another business to vend with you, they must also pay for the table(s) that they use and/or for license fees.

Vendor Conduct

Fees & Taxes

  1. Everyone is required to pay booth fees and any other fees discussed to an event coordinator on or before March 30th, 2022.

  2. Vendors are responsible for paying all appropriate local, state, and federal taxes based on their sales.

  3. Vendors must provide an estimate of the amount made if asked. 
    This is entirely confidential and is necessary for us to continue running. The City has to approve the event. Providing a estimate of revenue and local economic impact from all vendors as a whole when they ask makes them more likely to approve the event. In some cases (like Winnemucca) the city or venue itself sponsors us and we are able to significantly lower the cost of booths.

  1. No smoking or alcohol is permitted within the venue building. Please keep personal hygiene in mind. This is a family event, you may be asked to leave if you smell very heavily of cigarettes, marijuana, or alcohol. 

  2. Be mindful of inappropriate conversations when young children are present.

  3. Non-professional behavior including but not limited to: verbal abuses, threats, intoxication, overly loud, lewd, or inappropriate behavior whether at the expo or on any of our social media pages will not be tolerated.

  4. Loud, amplified music, illegal or dangerous objects are prohibited.

  5. Selling animals, items, etc. outside of your booth in the parking lot or elsewhere is prohibited.

  6. You are responsible for showing up on time, before we open our doors to the public. Exceptions are made only in cases of emergency. 

Rules & Liability Agreement

Thanks for submitting for all business members!!

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